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From April 2017, all business customers and public sector charitable and not-for-profit organisations based mainly or wholly in England will be able to choose their water and sewerage retailer. This is expected to provide 1.2 million businesses and other non-household customers the opportunity to switch water and waste water supplier.

How Much Can I Save?

It is expected that business customers and public sector charitable and not-for-profit organisations will see average savings of 9-11% on water related costs. Scotland - the first country in the world to offer non-household customers choice in their water supplier - deregulated their water market in 2008, which provided the opportunity for 130,000 businesses, public sector, charitable and not-for-profit organisations to switch supplier.

The deregulation has led to lower water and sewerage prices, improved services, greater water efficiency, and more innovation in the industry. The overall saving to Scottish business customers has been in excess of £100 million - due to both a reduction in cost, and savings related to water efficiency measures.

How will the Market Work?

From April 2017, the water market will move in line with other utility markets - such as telecoms and energy. Regional water companies will sell wholesale water services - the physical supply of water and the removal of wastewater - to licensed water retailers. The retailers can then package these water services with other services and compete for customers. The regional water companies will still be responsible for supplying your water, treating your wastewater and maintaining both the water and wastewater pipe networks. Green Journey can help with water procurement and management - ensuring you save on every drop.